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Looking to build your own system? With DPL Professional you can license a comprehensive state of the art toolkit with expert training, support and consultancy.

Developer toolkit - 'KBX'

DPL Professional's Developer toolkit - 'KBX' - is a .NET application providing a comprehensive, rapid development environment for business and IT professionals to develop intelligent interactive software solutions.

The toolkit provides state of the art functionality, in a fast-track and easy to implement framework.

Key benefits:

  • Easy to use
  • Fully featured
  • Designed for creation of knowledge-ware applications
  • Enables rapid development
  • Allows business and IT users to develop in unison
  • Provides controls for integrity at deployment
  • Generates robust user friendly solutions

... the intelligent way to create intelligent interactive business solutions

Example applications

  • Will & Trust drafting
  • Estate administration
  • Survey reports
  • Residential property market
  • Company formation
  • Tracking/ task management
  • RSS news feed generation
  • Skills assessment

Development capabilities

Beehive Online Solutions is an authorised representative of DPL Professional in Africa in relation to its KBX Developer’s Toolkit and KBX applications.

“Rapid development and deployment under pressure of tight deadlines of this complex system was a key feature in the selection of KBX ….”

Minetta Botha, Project Manager, Absa Africa Technology, Member of Barclays

...intelligent software solutions for your business